We have a different relationship to weapons

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We have a different relationship to weapons

It is not strange that weapons, especially firearms, evoke quite contradictory feelings in people. For some of us, these are symbols of power that any of us would like to have, while for others, the same weapons arouse far more fear, which can certainly be justified. Because when someone points a gun at someone, the jokes go away.

But not everyone is afraid of firearms or they have that unpleasant feeling. There are also people who are impressed by the shooting of such weapons and who might not even give a weapon if they had it. But maybe they don`t have it and never will.

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If someone wants to own their weapon, they need not only this, but also the appropriate permit. He has to get a gun license, which involves a lot of duties and expenses, then he has to get such a gun, and finally he has to find a place where it can be used, because you can`t even shoot wherever one of us thinks. And many people don`t get such a permit for medical, criminal, or other reasons, someone doesn`t have a weapon or it doesn`t pay to buy it because of the occasional shot, and someone doesn`t even have a safe place to end up on their own.

So someone would like to shoot himself, but they are not allowed to. He must suppress his desire for this hobby.

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And if he still wants to enjoy his hobbies? Then it is not impossible at all. Because the person in question can also visit the shooting range Prague and shoot at them just the kind of weapons they impress and which he may never own in his life. There, the customer can borrow equipment and equipment, and the instructor will make sure that anyone here enjoys what he wants. So real shooting from real weapons, like none of us will ever hold in our hands.

And if someone enjoys it, let them go there and shoot. I certainly won`t excuse him, even if it`s not exactly right for me. Because we humans are different. And let everyone enjoy what they want.